Brighton College Success

We are proud to be part of the Brighton College family of schools, including Brighton College UK, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Dubai and Singapore. As a group, our pupils have achieved the following results: 

  • 186 pupils have chosen to study at the Universities of Oxford or Cambridge in the past six years
  • 1 in 6 pupils have been offered places at the Universities of Oxford or Cambridge 
  • 98% of Brighton College UK pupils have received offers to study at "Russell Group" universities
  • Ex-pupils of Brighton College schools are currently studying at over 160 universities globally, including 20 top American universities


Our close partnership with Brighton College UK provides the following benefits to our pupils:

Our Pupils Visit Brighton College UK

Each year our Sixth Form pupils have the opportunity to study for a week at Brighton College in the UK.

While there, they are able to meet their peers, visit a British university, attend a university fair and receive expert careers guidance from counsellors.

This picture shows our Year 12 pupils at Brighton College UK in January 2020.

Our Pupils Visit Brighton College UK
Support from Brighton College UK

Support from Brighton College UK

To support applications to the world’s best universities, Sixth Form pupils are able to remotely attend Brighton College Oxbridge Days and US University Days.

These elite Days are specifically designed for pupils in our international schools, and include:

- Application planning sessions

- Personal Statement session

- Advice on pre-reading

- What it means to study in these universities

Access to Exclusive Events

Pupils also have remote access to exclusive Brighton College UK events:

Universities Fairs – these include presentations from the world’s leading universities and also virtual networking with Old Brightonians and parents who are alumni of US and Oxbridge universities

Departmental meetings - providing advice and support for pupils to prepare for applications

Pupils are also able to attend Oxbridge and US-focused sessions:

- Separate subject specific sessions

- Application sessions

21 A Level Subjects
Support from Buddies

Support from Buddies

To help with applications, every pupil is buddied with at least one other Brighton College pupil in the UK who is applying for the same university (and course where possible):

- Buddies have the opportunity to work towards joint presentations and research projects

- Buddies can promote joint ventures, travel/charity projects or academic extension

Plus you will have access to essential resources produced by the Brighton College Family of Schools.

Support for Life

Throughout the whole application process, you will receive ongoing application advice and feedback by the Head of Sixth Form, and support and feedback from the specialised Sixth Form Team at the Brighton College Family of Schools.

As well as this amazing support, you automatically get membership of the  alumni network, Brighton College Connect. Its benefits include social and professional opportunities.

Support for Life